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Now you can be part of Dawako Medtech and revolutionize, with us, the ultrasound imaging technology

Why invest in Dawako Medtech?

Dawako Medtech is a project promoted by an extraordinary human team that has been able to combine two cutting-edge technologies, each of which separately would already deserve its own project.

On the one hand, the proprietary WUS™ System technology, a wearable ultrasound imaging device in patch-format, capable of continuous and real-time monitoring using high-quality medical images. In other words, instead of making a traditional ultrasound, Dawako Medtech's technology allows remote and even images in motion of a lesion or pathology.

The possibilities provided by this remote monitoring of patients, which also does not emit radiation, are revolutionary for the monitoring of pathologies such as sarcopenia or muscle injuries.

On the other hand, the PIIXMED™ ultrasound image processing and analysis system in the cloud, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), based on artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning capable of offering health professionals an interpretation automated system that greatly facilitates diagnosis and therapeutic follow-up.

This combination of biomedical technologies opens up new possibilities for an innovative business model defined as Medical Device as a Service (MDaaS), and which Dawako Medtech's experienced team has already commercially validated and closed R&D agreements with hospitals such as Povisa-Ribera Health or IMED Hospitals and sports clubs such as Atlético de Madrid and Valencia CF among others.

Dawako Medtech has the trust and funding, more than €1.2M, from the leading public institutions in innovation such as the CDTI, ENISA and the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), as well as different awards and recognitions that validate the value of the company, as the recent winner of South Summit Health & Wellbeing – The Best Team (2021) and BIOVAL Awards for Best Biotech Startup (2021).

Main risks

The challenge of the project is mainly technological, although not only in the development of the hardware. Obviously, achieving a device with adequate autonomy, weight and performance is not easy, although Dawako Medtech's biomedical engineering team is more than qualified for this challenge.

The alignment between medical imaging technology, business model and clinical application is the real challenge for Dawako Medtech, which will have to break through in an emerging market that will evolve rapidly.

The experts say

Stephan Hecking
Juan Manuel Campos
Pleayo Tovaranonte
Dr. Salvador Albalat

Investor testimonials

In addition to the founding partners, a relevant group of private investors have already invested in Dawako Medtech, such as entrepreneurs and professionals from the health sector with extensive experience in private hospital management, key opinion leaders from clinical fields such as aging and nutrition, sports medicine  and physiotherapy, clinical research, as well as professional athletes

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