Wearable AI-Bioimaging

for fast, objective healthcare

Empowering Health Professionals

Dawako’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals with accessible tools for faster and more precise insights into patient health. Our artificial-intelligence-powered ultrasound imaging, biosignals and physiological performance technology ensure early intervention and personalized care, transforming the delivery of healthcare and sports medicine

Wearable Bioimaging Technology

Wearable Ultrasound & Biosignals Patches

Ultrasound Imaging & Biosignals AI-powered Platform

Dawako Medtech’s Wearable Bioimaging Technology integrates two components:

WBS / WBS-US (the patches)

Wearable Ultrasound & Biosignals Patches

Wireless patch-format devices that obtain accurate medical images and biosignals to detect physiological and musculoskeletal issues, even in motion

PIIXMED (the platform)

AI-powered Cloud-based System

The Cloud-based software uses our own algorithms to analyze medical images and signals to extract more accurate health information in minutes and aiding early diagnosis

Dawako Clinic & Innovation Lab

Precision Sports Medicine & Performance

Cardio-metabolic + MSK Health Research and Clinical Services

Cardio-MSK i360 in Motion Analysis Services help to monitor physiological changes with precision, design training and nutrition programs and create advanced treatment plans

Real-World Applications

Dawako’s highly cost-effective, Wearable AI Ultrasound and Biosignals technology is creating a new paradigm in the field of traditional medical imaging. The extraction of quantifiable medical information and its intelligent analysis is revolutionizing diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment across three clinical domains



& Clinical Nutrition

Aiding early diagnosis and effective intervention for muscle-degrading Sarcopenia


Sports Medicine

Assessing muscle quality and quantity to evaluate sporting performance



Tissue characterization

Quantitative ultrasound tissue evaluation (helping to diagnose tumors earlier)